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6730 Invader crescent
Tel: 905.565.1000
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At iFab we understand that having the right tools, personnel and knowledge for the job is vital to the maintenance of our high standards of quality. We always ensure that our team has access to the latest state of the art equipment - including CNC machinery, high quality stainless steel, the latest polishing equipment and more.

About Our Facility and Capabilities  

A team of experienced personnel including mechanics, engineers, designers, welders, and CNC operators.

Top of the line equipment allowing us capabilities such as: CNC laser cutting, punching, brake press operation, shearing, and more.

A load capacity that enables us to offer quick turn-around times no matter the project size

iFab strives to always ensure that our fully equipped shop remains up to date by continually upgrading our current equipment and skills to stay ahead of our competition. Purchasing our materials and equipment from only the most reputable suppliers is of the utmost importance to us as it allows us to maintain the high quality standards that our clientele expects.